The Lawn Care Specialists

The lawn treatments we provide are truly second to none. Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, Grosvenor Lawn Systems Ltd proudly carry out a variety of practical treatments, including seasonal treatments, designed to keep your lawn looking at it's best throughout the year, scarifying and aeration.

Evergreen Lawn Care

For a truly outstanding lawn, be sure to schedule our assistance as the seasons change. Helping your lawn to flourish, our seasonal treatments produce quality results all year round. In spring and summer, our treatments are used to make lawns appear vibrant, healthy, and verdant. In winter and autumn, our treatments target the harmful moss that tries to grow on your unsuspecting grass. By tailoring our services depending on the season, we ensure your lawn is cared for throughout the year.

Give Grass Room to Grow

Our scarifying services are intelligently designed to eliminate dead grass, Thatch and unwanted moss from your lawn. Rather, they’re intelligently designed to eliminate dead grass and unwanted moss from your lawn. Working diligently, we’ll collect unappealing debris and leaves before swiftly disposing of them, leaving you to enjoy the undisturbed splendour of your lawn. Scarifying is typically required once every two years, and helps to enhance the growth of your grass. Weed removal services are also available.

hollow-tine Aeration

Hollow-tine aeration is an effective way of relieving your lawn of compaction. This is achieved by punching thousands of cores out of the lawns surface, giving the grass room to breathe and relieving compaction within the grass root zone.

Saving You Money

As a friendly, local business, we are more affordable than larger, impersonal companies. Because we already possess the equipment needed to carry out our work, it’s easier and more affordable to contract our experts when you’re looking for a lush lawn. Professional, efficient, and reliable, our gardeners take pride in delivering services of peerless quality.

Contact our gardeners today, in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, to organise the lawn treatments and scarifying services we have to offer.